Manens-Tifs welcomes the new year with a new book on the main Headquarters Projects

Manens-Tifs welcomes the new year with a new book on the main Headquarters Projects

After the volume, published in 2021, celebrating the first 50 years of Manens-Tifs’ history, the MT founding members Dino Boni and Roberto Zecchin – in collaboration with Pisana Bacchin, Adileno Boeche, Giorgio Butturini, Alberto Cavallini, Silvia Corradi, Andrea Fornasiero and Gianfranco Quartaruolo – retrace the main stages in the evolution of headquarters buildings in a volume called HEADQUARTERS – LE SEDI AZIENDALI TRA IMMAGINE ED EFFICIENZA, starting from the Late Middle Ages to the present day; from the palaces of the wealthy Venetian families overlooking the Grand Canal to the futuristic skyscrapers of Citylife in Milan.

 The book is a journey through the different historical periods in search of those elements of strength, utility and beauty, that Vitruvius pointed out as principles of a well-designed building.

A path starting from the Renaissance when the building embodied all the Vitruvian attributes, to the Industrial Revolution when the first technological solutions to meet the requirements of utility began to emerge (which today means well-being, comfort, and safety), until the contemporary era in which a fourth element is added to the good building principles: sustainability, one of the great emergencies of our time.

The second part of the volume focuses on the most significant Headquarters projects developed by Manens-Tifs during more than 50 years of history, representing, in particular, the architectural and technological solutions expressions of those characteristics of utility and environmental sustainability of a well-designed building.

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