Manens has a long experience in developing projects with high complexity.

The company can provide its engineering services to fully develop a new project starting from the very first feasibility studies down to the construction design stage, complying with client requirements in terms of contents, quality and costs.

Our aim is to develop projects since the very beginning steps that consider and integrate all engineering items together with architectural needs, in order to deliver projects that have no surprises during the construction phases, improving building times and reducing unexpected building costs.

The long list of references with successful projects demonstrates that Manens is focused on continuous research for innovative solutions, up-to-date technical systems, environmental compliance, cost effectiveness, safety and security aspects. This constant work to search for the best solutions for our clients, and thanks to the support of university partners, has brought us to become one of the Italian and European leading companies.

Design & Engineering Areas

Concept Design
Preliminary Design
Detailed Design
Feasibility Study
Fire Prevention and Simulation
Technical and Construction Design