Software solutions in support of the medical and organizational activities.

Manens sees technology as the real opportunity for renovating and streamlining healthcare processes, reducing times and costs, therefore obtaining a tangible competitive advantage.

Combining innovative approach is also possible thanks to methodologies, infrastructures, and technological alliances on a wide scale.

A healthcare model that thanks to advanced Information Communication Technology solutions can suitably face the challenges of the future: from the gradual ageing of the population, to the increase of migration flows, to the reduction of active population capable of supporting the costs of health and social care.

Healthcare – IT Solutions Areas


• Interoperability Platform

• Social Care Activity Processes

• Prevention Processes

• Primary Care processes

• Family GP Processes

• Health Network Processes and Collaboration



• Surgical Paths

• Clinical Governance and Risk Management

• Test Lab Processes

• Imaging Diagnostic Processes

• Clinical data archive

• Clinical images archive



• Urgency Emergency processes

• Hospitalisation Processes

• Outpatient Processes

• Business Intelligence Systems

• Accounting Systems

• Human Resources Systems


Healthcare References