Bruno Tonello Accredited Tier Designer

Bruno Tonello Accredited Tier Designer

We are proud to announce a significant achievement by our IT & Electronic Designer, Bruno Tonello, who has recently become an Accredited Tier Designer!

Certifications in data centre design are fundamental for ensuring facilities meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability, providing a structured framework for understanding a data center’s capabilities and performance.

Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards is the acknowledged international standard defining data center availability and overall performance.

The Tier system classifies data centres into four levels based on their design and infrastructure, outlining the expected performance and reliability. It serves as a crucial guideline for organizations seeking to establish data centers that align with their operational needs and goals.

The four levels are:

  •  Tier I: Basic Capacity
  •  Tier II: Redundant Capacity Components
  •  Tier III: Concurrently Maintainable
  • Tier IV: Fault Tolerant

Bruno’s successful accreditation as a Tier Designer demonstrates his dedication to mastering the complexities of data centre design. His expertise ensures that our projects meet and exceed the industry standards for the reliability and performance of data centres.

Congratulations Bruno, on this well-deserved milestone!

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