Manens signs the Acoustic Study for 465 km of road routes in Veneto

Manens signs the Acoustic Study for 465 km of road routes in Veneto

Veneto Strade has released the Acoustic Remediation Plan (Piano di Risanamento Acustico PRA 2023) for Veneto’s road network. The Plan, currently under approval, includes the acoustic study drafted by Manens, aimed at installing new noise barriers and systems to improve the quality of life for citizens and reduce the environmental impact of the 465 km road network of the region, where over 3,000,000 vehicles transit yearly.

Following the Remediation Plan, the next steps will involve acoustic mapping and a public consultation phase for the proposed action plan. All this information will be accessible on the Veneto Strade website, along with virtual maps that provide an interactive and comprehensive view of the intervention. This innovative method offers citizens a new level of accessibility and understanding. By exploring the maps, individuals can check the planned interventions and get a clear view of the positive impact they will have on the urban centres served by the affected roads. The mapping displays existing and scheduled interventions and the corresponding decibel levels during daytime and nighttime, highlighting critical areas of interest for the Remediation Plan.

The acoustic study conducted by Manens for Veneto Strade represents a concrete commitment to sustainability and the well-being of the community. It marks a significant step towards a quieter and more sustainable future, where mobility harmoniously integrates with quality of life.

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