Manens-Tifs committed to building health for all

Manens-Tifs committed to building health for all

Andrea Fornasiero, Senior Building Physics and Sustainability Specialist of Padua Headquarters, has become Fitwel Ambassador.
Fitwel is the World’s Leading Certification lauched in 2017 committed to building health for all, designed to encourage the development of healthy work environments and improve health and productivity of occupants, through the most recent research and industry expertise.

Based on the idea that each office can be transformed through specific and gradual interventions into a healthier workplace, Fitwel provides tailored strategies for existing, new construction and in-development properties, optimizing unique opportunities for each project.
Through a systematic process of involvement, Fitwel brings together experts to support both the evidence base and the applicability of its standard. To ensure that the standard remains abreast of the latest research, Fitwel established the FSOLT (Fitwel Federal Scientific and Operations Liaison Team) with its federal partners at CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and GSA (General Services Administration).

Being an Ambassador of Fitwel means to be leader and active participant of a new vision of building health for all. An Ambassador is well-versed in the evidence-based connection between design and health, can integrate Fitwel’s strategies within projects and is able to effectively navigate the Fitwel Portal to track progress and attain Fitwel Certification.

Also thanks to Andrea’s new role, Manens-Tifs is further committed in the sector of research, focusing on the aspects of comfort and healthiness in design, towards new frontiers of sustainability.

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