New Medical Cities Riyadh Jeddah - KSA
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New Medical Cities (KSA)

Place: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Customer: Ministry of Interior – MOI
Year: 2013

In 2013 Manens-Tifs signed a contract with the Ministry of Interior for the project management activities concerning the planning and construction of two Medical Cities in Riyadh and Jeddah. This is one of the most important work of healthcare construction in the Middle East, representing also the highest level of medical equipment technology. Each complex will occupy an area of about 2.5 km2, including:

• Hospital : 500,000 m2 , 1,700 beds
• Residential area : 500,000 m2 for 12,000 people
• Utilities area


Operating theatres n.41 (including n.4 Hybrid Rooms)

Computed Tomography Scanner n.11

Magnetic Resonance Imaging n.8

Fluoroscopy n.12

Radiography system n.12

Mammography n.8

Angiography n.16 (including n.8 Mobile)

X-Ray Unit n.5

Linear Accelerators n.4

Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography n.6

Positron Emission Tomography n.4


District Chiller plant 140MWf (n.16 chiller)

Hot water plant 78,5 MWt (n.10 boiler)

Steam plant 25 MWt (n.3 boiler)

Primary substations 132/13,8 kV n.2

Internal MV network 320 km

Secondary substations 13,8/0,4 kV n.77 (for a total of n.243 transformers from 800kVA to 1.600 kVA)

Emergency power system 13,8 kV n.10×7 MVA generators

Data center (linked with a Disaster recovery center)

n.400 cabinets (tier1 + redundancy system)

How to reach the sites:

GPS Riyadh Site
24.900875, 46.526852

GPS Jeddah Site
21.854046, 39.100711


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