Ospedale Niguarda Milano
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Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital

Place: Milan
Customer: Progeni S.p.a.
Architect: Sinesis S.p.a.
Year: 2006-2009
Surface: 165.000 m²
Notes: South Block: 358 beds + 23 Operating Theatres

Niguarda hospital is located in the northern part of Milan, but it serves the whole Lombardy Region as it is a national point of reference for treatment and health promotion.

With its ancient buildings under renovation, its new buildings, its gardens, streets, shuttles and parking lots, Niguarda is a small city that covers an area of about 322,000 sqm and hosts about 9,000 people every day.

The hospital is going through a phase of structural and functional renovation.

The project of this renovation process has been divided in two general stages.

The first one concerns:

• the construction of the south underground parking lot (25,000 sqm for 730 cars),
• the construction of the South Block for intensive care (opened in 2010),
• the renovation of the historic Ponti Pavilion,
• the construction of the new logistics center (8,440 sqm),
• the realization of LV-MV systems (16 MVA),
• the realization of the CHP plant (16 MWe),
• the realization of the thermal power plant (45 MWt),
• the realization of the cooling power plant (20 MWf),
• the realization of technological and connecting tunnels (1,200 m).

While the second phase concerns the construction and renovation of the North block for the average intensity of care (operative since 2014) and the renovation of the historic Pizzamiglio Pavilion (under construction).

Comfort, safety and energy efficiency are the main goals of the project.

The HVAC systems are mainly based on the concept of LTDS (Low Temperature Difference Systems), involving relatively high temperature for cooling and relatively low temperature for heating by radiant panels. This allows high efficiency for the reversible GWHT (Ground Water Heat Pumps), that provide most of heating/cooling loads for the new blocks. Also the central heating system is based on hot water at variable flow rate and variable temperature, operated by condensation gas boilers. A cogeneration plant, an absorption water chiller and a “clean” steam producer (for humidification and sterilization purposes) complete the central facilities.


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