New "San Cataldo" Hospital
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“San Cataldo” Hospital

Place: Taranto
Customer: Local Health Authority – Taranto
Year: 2015
Surface: 135,000 m²
Notes: Total beds: 715 – Dialiysis stations: 24 – Operating Theatres: 19 – Clinics:70

The new hospital, which will be built on an area of about 23 Ha, is the perfect synthesis between hospitality, architecture and sustainability, and guarantees high standards of quality, technology and ecology in order to ensure high levels of comfort, functionality and safety.

As concerns the functional aspects, the design of the plants has been carried out ensuring both the highest level of environmental comfort and a high degree of integration between the distribution systems and the terminal equipment, in order to allow flexibility, easy installation, multi-functionality and modularity.

The design of “San Cataldo” Hospital   has paid particular attention to the developement of systems and solutions that could guarantee a high energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, with the aim of minimizing consumptions and polluting emissions into the atmosphere produced by the combustion of fossil fuels.


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