Morelli Hospital – Environmental Impact Assessment

Morelli Hospital – Environmental Impact Assessment

Another step towards the new Morelli Hospital in Reggio Calabria: the environmental impact assessment screening for the facility’s expansion project, aimed at centralizing the healthcare activities of the Bianchi Melacrino Morelli Metropolitan Hospital, has been approved.

This phase of the design process specifically involved the project group led by Manens (with Pinearq Slp, Studio Valle Progettazioni Srl, Arch. Ambrogio Aquilino, Geol. Gianfranco Moro), responsible for specialist integrations and the preliminary Environmental Impact Study of the project, with a total investment exceeding 290 million euros.

A strategic expansion plan aiming to redevelop the whole Hospital area by creating new spaces open to the public. In this sense, the new Hospital will be a reference center of excellence for Reggio Calabria not only in terms of healthcare and specialized services but also for the positive impact that it will have on the environment and urban landscape.

Indeed, the design has paid particular attention to landscape integration, accessibility, and the livability of common and public spaces, through five main actions:

  • Demolition of the obsolete structures in the area;
  • Creation of a new urban park spanning over 10,000 square meters;
  • Construction of an underground parking with around 800 spaces;
  • Expansion of the existing hospital structure;
  • Optimization and integration of city traffic.

The new Morelli Hospital will have over 600 beds, including 51 for intensive/semi-intensive care and 37 surgical rooms. A state-of-the-art healthcare center and an example of how design can harmoniously integrate community needs with environmental preservation. Manens is proud of this achievement, the result of an integrated interdisciplinary design collaboration that has enhanced landscape aspects from the early stages of the project.


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