SmartScore: the framework for high-tech buildings

SmartScore: the framework for high-tech buildings

Interview with Giorgio Molinari, SmartScore AP

In the scenario of building certification, lately, there have been emerging protocols oriented towards building’ performance assessment, not only in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability but also in terms of technological equipment and connectivity.

Today, among the priorities of the real estate market, there is a deep need for new and old buildings to be upgraded and technologically prepared to meet the growing demands for facilities equipped with stable and safe IT connections. Specific frameworks, such as WiredScore and SmartScore, have been established to address this new need and bring digitalization into buildings, particularly in the Office sector.

We asked Giorgio Molinari, Senior Design Engineer Manens, WiredScore AP, who had recently become an Accredited Professional also for SmartScore certification, to explore this topic.

Giorgio has worked on projects such as the new ENI headquarters in San Donato Milanese, the new Snam RG headquarters also in San Donato, Enel’s new headquarters in Rome, the new offices of Corso Italia 23 in Milan, dealing with Safety, Security, BMS, having more than twenty years of experience as a consultant in these areas.

What is SmartScore?

“SmartScore assesses a building’s performance according to the Smart Building certification protocol. It is a significant evolution affecting the best buildings in real estate, already established in advanced markets, and now emerging in Italy.

To understand this performance, it is helpful to grasp the definition of a Smart Building, which is not easy because there is currently no universal consensus, and each product supplier and consultant has its own definition of smart building. Recently – in February 2024 – the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) issued a document, meant to be influential on framing Smart Buildings, defining them as:

“[…] building which has been designed and built or retrofitted to include technology gathering and sharing operational data, providing opportunities for integration or automation to enhance the operational phase of the building.”

SmartScore’s protocol is also based on this concept. This certification protocol completes the WiredScore standard, which certifies the infrastructure and connectivity of a building, while Smart Score assesses the overall technological status of facilities, introducing the user experience component.”

What are SmartScore standards and how are they defined?

“SmartScore’s standards are set by a Smart Council, involving a qualified representation from the Real Estate world including technical and financial advisors. The committee declined the concept of Smart Building as the building that delivers exceptional performance for all users, through the use of technology, anticipating evolving needs. This concept is based on four principles:

  • Inspiration: The work environment is technological, attractive, and human-centric, and offers flexible and personalized services.
  • Efficiency: The adopted technology optimizes all building performances.
  • Sustainability: The building has a low environmental impact because technology is used to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Resilience: The building is ready to face future challenges.

SmartScore assigns scores based on these areas, and depending on the results, we have the following levels:

SmartScore Certified: Certifies that the building is more innovative than the market average, standing out for using technology to improve user experience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Smartscore Silver: Certifies that the building demonstrates a good level of innovation compared to the market average, with technology improving user experience, workplace inspiration, efficiency, sustainability, and technological resilience.

Smartscore Gold: Certifies that the building shows a high level of innovation compared to the market average, with technology improving user experience, workplace inspiration, efficiency, sustainability, and technological resilience.

SmartScore Platinum: Certifies that the building represents the state of the art in innovation, with technology improving user experience, workplace inspiration, maximum efficiency, sustainability, and technological resilience.

Currently, the certification pursues excellence; therefore, less than 1% of office real estate assets are eligible for certification.”

 Why is SmartScore an innovation worth following?

“The benefits of SmartScore-certified buildings, compared to other buildings on the market, are several:

  1. they achieve the highest standards of environmental sustainability;
  2. they offer the best user experiences;
  3. they achieve the best performance efficiencies in terms of cost;
  4. they have more profitable rents compared to similar buildings without certification;
  5. they are ready to face technological evolutions and challenges.”


The future goal is certainly to raise awareness of building digitization from the earliest design stages, both to increase efficiency and sustainability as well as to cut general costs.

Let’s think, for instance, of the resources involved in upgrading an existing structure, compared to the benefits of a “smart” design that not only guarantees state-of-the-art systems but also allows for future development based on technological evolution.

The SmartScore Accredited Professional supports the client in the certification process, designing tailored solutions to improve the user experience, optimize costs, meet high sustainability standards, and make the building flexible and easily adaptable through strategic investments in smart technologies.

Good planning is the key to achieving excellence. Contact us for customized consulting!


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