Manens at AiCARR Conference: focus on safety in healthcare environments

Manens at AiCARR Conference: focus on safety in healthcare environments

On Friday, February 16th, Padua hosted the AiCARR meeting dedicated to ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospital environments. The event was attended by several professionals of the sector, with a significant presence of Manens partners, testifying our active commitment to research and development in design for the healthcare industry.

The seminar was introduced by Marcello Tezze – AiCARR territorial delegate in Veneto – who opened the session with an introduction to the work of the AiCARR Technical Committees. In the first part of the day, Francesco Ruggiero of Manens Bari addressed the topic of ventilation in hospital environments, focusing on the issues arising after the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health emergency has highlighted the importance of an efficient and safe ventilation system to prevent the spread of pathogens within healthcare facilities.

In the second part of the seminar, Mauro Strada and Simone Cappelletti of Manens Padua spoke about controlled contamination environments, sharing their design experiences in the hospital context. By presenting different case histories, they highlighted the crucial technical and design aspects to grant hospitals high safety and air quality standards.

Finally, Macello Tezze took part in the round table closing event, where strategic issues of healthcare construction and planning were discussed with the delegates of different Local Health Authorities in Veneto.

The event was part of a broader context, responding to the demand for increasingly qualified and safe healthcare. Indeed, the experience of the pandemic has highlighted the need to review and optimise ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals to considerably reduce biological risk and ensure a healthy environment for patients and healthcare workers.

The conference represented an opportunity for discussion and updating for professionals, healthcare institutions and partner associations, helping to promote the spread of best practices and technical solutions in healthcare facilities.

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