M’illumino di Meno 2024 – Energy Saving Day

M’illumino di Meno 2024 – Energy Saving Day

On Energy Saving Day, we join Rai Radio2 and the radio show Caterpillar campaign M’illumino di Meno, to raise awareness about climate change.

We are an Engineering and Architecture Company with a strong focus on sustainability. We design forward-thinking buildings always focusing on the here and now. In our vision, efficiency and functionality are the cornerstones of the present and the future of design, as much as environmental sustainability. Forward thinking allows us to make our projects always cutting-edge, sustainable, and adaptable to the rapid changes that characterize today’s world, especially regarding the climate risks we are facing.

Today We want to raise awareness about sustainability among Manens people, by adopting in our daily habits the same approach that has always inspired our work and projects. To promote more conscious energy consumption practices in our offices, we have shared some easy tips to contribute concretely to reducing our environmental impact and to help spread a responsible and sustainable corporate culture.

What can we do to actively contribute to sustainable development?

1) Use public transportation or alternative means: if possible, commute to the office using public transportation, or bicycles, or organize carpooling with colleagues.

2) Prefer stairs over the elevator: besides being environmentally friendly, it’s also great exercise.

3)Turn off the computer during lunch breaks and unnecessary lights.

4) Insulate environments to avoid heat or cold air loss (keep doors and windows closed in rooms with heating/cooling systems on).

5) Apply the “3Rs” principles: reduce, reuse, and recycle:

•Limit disposable plastic and if you use it always recycle, prefer reusable bottles or thermoses for hot drinks.

•Reduce paper and toner usage: exchange digital documents, and reduce toner and paper consumption by printing only if strictly necessary.

• Respect recycling guidelines: our offices are equipped with specific containers for separating organic waste, plastic, and paper, and we minimize non-recyclable waste.

Let’s take these steps together to make a brighter and greener future for all!

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