Manens to lead the Construction Management of the new Polytechnic School of Genoa

Manens to lead the Construction Management of the new Polytechnic School of Genoa

Great Campus Genova: the Works Management and Safety Coordination for the relocation of the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa, into the Erzelli Science and Technology Park, will be led by Manens in grouping with F&M Ingegneria, Icis, HMR Group, Smartarget and architects Gian Paolo Mar and Mario Bellini. The science and technology park is designed to host, along with the University, companies and research organisations, and to promote culture and innovation.

The overall area, of about 400,000 square metres, will be a real smart city that will integrate workspaces, residences, commercial services, sports and leisure venues in a single unified space.

The university compound will consist of two blocks, with a total surface area of 100,000 square metres: on one side, a single, articulated building will contain car parking, the classrooms and study areas, and the departmental towers; on the other side, the second block will host technology laboratories.

Nearly 10,000 students, professors and administrative staff will settle in the new Polytechnic School, thus contributing to the great project of urban regeneration of the so-called Ponente area.

The overall cost of the work will be 215 million euros divided into two lots: 75 million for the laboratories and 140 million for classrooms and departments; the estimated duration of work is 5 years.

This award confirms Manens’ expertise in the area of university buildings; in fact, this project is part of a long list of projects and/or works supervision already completed or underway: the new science centres of the University of Milan in the MIND area, the University of Turin in Grugliasco, the University of Pavia and the Ca-Foscari University in Venice, and finally the Human Science campus (former Geriatric Hospital complex) and the Social Sciences campus (former Piave Barracks complex) of the University of Padua.

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