Manens-Tifs’s operating headquarters become “carbon free”

Manens-Tifs’s operating headquarters become “carbon free”

Not only “Green” projects for our Clients, but also attention to make our offices more and more efficient and sustainable.

The iconic headquarters of Corso Stati Uniti in Padua have been using, since their inauguration in 2004, a heating-cooling production system with reversible operation heat pump, coupled with borehole heat exchangers.  The air conditioning system is of the primary air type with a radiant system based on thermally activated mass. These plants are installed inside a building that combines transparency and high permeability to natural light with the efficiency of a “double skin” system with motorized louvers, micro-optics skylights for direct solar radiation shielding, glazing with high energy performance.

A few months ago also the air conditioning systems of the headquarters in Verona – a historic building dating back to the 1600s – were completely upgraded, adopting a reversible VRF (variable refrigerant flow) air source heat pump system with five external units for a total cooling power of 224 kW  and a heating power of 251 kW, and sixty-eight internal units. At the same time the old boiler was removed.  In this way  an efficient  and more sustainable  air conditioning system has been created.

Finally, during the last month a new contract has been signed for the supply of electricity to all offices, providing exclusively energy produced from renewable sources, in accordance with the environmental improvement policy introduced by the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification.

In Manens-Tifs, the “green transition” is not only one of the principal drivers of our design approach, but also a corporate culture and sensitivity that characterize all the aspects of our daily activities.


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